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DELRAY BEACH – As major metropolitan cities, suburban villages, and rural towns experience the ravages of drug addicted citizens, one South Florida municipality is taking charge and becoming a model for others throughout the United States.

“Delray Beach has seen the effects of drug addiction and what it does to families and the soul of a community,” said Suzanne Spencer, Executive Director of the Delray Beach Drug Task Force (DBDT). “But rather than accept it we are fighting back on behalf of our city, its residents and those suffering from substance use disorder.”

Established in the early 1990s, the DBDT (  provides community leadership and education on issues related to and resulting from substance use disorder. The organization does so by maintaining a network and forum to discuss, advocate, and influence issues with regards to public safety, prevention and rehabilitation.

The organization took a major step with the 2016 SUD Talks ( a community and industry event designed to change the way communities, governments and providers think, feel, believe and treat Substance Use Disorder. The event features a collection of diverse speakers presented in a “Ted Talk” format and an engaging panel discussion with industry experts.

This event was well-received last year on a national and local basis, and brought an awareness to the problem and recommended steps cities must take if they are to build and integrate healthy communities, re-build broken systems, and ensure consumer protection.

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Addiction Today Interview: Origins Behavioral Healthcare interviews Suzanne Spencer about SUD Talks. Listen below:

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